The Child Protection Network of Denmark


The Child Protection Network in Denmark is a network of Non-Governmental Organisations that voices issues of the Rights of the Child. We have a special focus on Alternative Care in Denmark as well as internationally.

The network constitutes a learning platform for exchange of knowledge and best practices that strengthens and consolidates member organisations’ capacity to support the development of quality alternative care programmes in the framework of child rights and child protection.

Output of the network

  1. Increased knowledge on dilemmas related to Alternative Care exchanged through trainings, seminars, after-work meetings and conferences.

1.2 Resources shared e.g. evaluations, materials, productions, articles and other relevant resources.

  • Issues articulated through articles and consultations (høringssvar) of Danish policies, development policy and strategy and budget allocations.

3.      Methodology

The network meets at least 3 times a year in after-work meetings, where specific dilemmas are assessed and discussed through presentations, group discussions and plenary discussions. A yearly work plan is presented at the beginning of the year informing members on the dates for the network to meet as well as the themes to be discussed. An external or internal resource person will be invited to present findings on the specific theme at the respective after-work meetings. The members of the network alternately host the after-work meetings to the extent possible. After-work meetings can be both virtual and physical.

The Learning Network will facilitate a yearly seminar open to wider participation from other interested organisations working with child rights and child protection.

The Learning Network may support capacity building among the members and partners in the global south if funds allow.

4.      Composition of learning network

Members of the network are 100% for the Children, ATOS, CICED, CKU, Fairstart Foundation, Future and Hope, Make Them Smile Kenya, Medecins sans Frontieres, SOS Children Villages, and Viva.

The network is open to new members who can be included in the network upon request.

A steering committee consisting of CKU, SOS Children Villages, and Viva arranges and organises the activities of the network and meets as needed.