The Child Protection Network of Denmark



On this page you will find our archive of presentations and video recording from our previous seminars. The recordings have been cropped to exclude plenary discussions in which members of the networks share their experiences and create knowlegde together. If you wish to take part in these discussions, please sign up for a seminar on the seminar pages

Key documents: The following documents are the basis for the cross-cutting principles that we seek to spread awareness of.

Other relevant papers:

Presentation and video materiel from past seminars

Presentations from the 04 March 2021 Seminar, “The Right of Every Child to Care”:

Presentations from the 04 May 2021 Seminar, “Children Affected by Domestic Violence”:

Presentations from the 26th August 2021 Seminar, “Children On the Move”:

Presentations from the 11th November 2021 Seminar, “Volunterism and child seperation”:

Presentations from the 23th February 2022 Seminar, “Education and alternative care”:

Presentations from the 23rd March 2022 Seminar, “The role of faith-based actors in the protection of children deprived of parental care”:

Presentations from the 20th of May 2022 Seminar; “Exploring Preventative Strategies

Presentations from the 19th of September 2022 Seminar; “Climate Change and Child Protection”

External resources

Herman Laws is a U.S based law firm who have created an extensive guide to understanding and helping children subject to abuse

Starting out as a hotline for children who found themselves in need of care and attentivesness, Childhelpline international is now is a leading collective impact organization that compiles know-how for use in caring for children.