The Child Protection Network of Denmark
1) “The Right of Every Child to Care” – 04 March 2021

1) “The Right of Every Child to Care” – 04 March 2021

The Child Protection Network is hosting a series of seminars on issues related to child protection and children living in alternative care. The first seminar “The Right of Every Child to Care” was held on 04 March 2021.

In this series of seven seminars over the coming 1½ year, we invite organizations engaged in international development to discuss and learn more about issues related to child protection and children living in alternative care. You are most welcome no matter if you come from a small NGO, is a volunteer, work in research or come from a large international NGO.

In December 2019, the annual Resolution of the Rights of the Child addressed for the first time ever children without parental care in recognition of the particular vulnerability of this group of children. The purpose of these seminars is to explore how to use the Resolution and the UN Guidelines for the Alternative Care of Children in order to safeguard and promote the rights of children who have lost or are at risk of losing parental care.

The seminars offer expert presentations on topics related to the Resolution and an opportunity to discuss and share experiences to learn from promising practices and improve the protection and the quality of alternative care.

Seminar 1) The right of every child to care
Dr. Chrissie Gale will present the content of the UN Resolution and facilitate an interactive workshop inviting the participants to share and discuss examples on best practice and implementation of the guidelines. Dr. Chrissie Gale will be accompanied by Bekele Firew, Head of Advocacy and Communication at the SOS Children’s Villages Regional Office, Addis Abeba, Ethiopia. Bekele will present and discuss how the Resolution is used for advocacy towards the African Union.

Ms Chrissie Gale is an international child protection consultant with a Doctorate from the University of Bristol and a long career working for CELSIS, UNICEF, Family for every child, ao.
Mr Bekele Firew holds an MA in communication and journalism from the University of Addis Abeba, and has previously worked for USAID and British Council.

When: Thursday 04 March 2021 at 09.00-12.00 (UTC+01:00)
Where: Zoom link will be shared with all registered participants prior to the seminar. 
Participants: Civil Society Organizations, researchers or individuals with an interest in exchanging experiences and methodologies to promote the UN Resolution on the Rights of the Child. We invite organizations and individuals both from Denmark and the south to join.
Organizers: The Danish Child Protection Network (100% for the Children, ATOS, CKU, and SOS Børnebyerne)  

The seminar has been conducted.

The full seminar series

Seminar 1) The right of every child to care
Seminar 2) Domestic violence
Seminar 3) Children on the move
Seminar 4) Exploring preventive strategies
Seminar 5) Education
Seminar 6) Religion
Seminar 7) Volunteerism and child separation

Alternative Care Talks
Following the seminars the Child Protection Network will publish ACTalk videos related to the topic of the seminar, which will present the highlights of the workshops through interviews with relevant specialist.

The Child Protection Network in Denmark is a network of NGOs that work with child rights, child protection and have a special focus on Alternative Care. The network constitutes a learning platform for exchange of knowledge and promising practices that strengthen and consolidate member organisations’ capacity to support the development of quality alternative care programmes in the framework of child rights and child protection.

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